New Week – New Plan – New Feeling (Hunger- What is that?)

Phew!  What a week.  I absolutely have to start this post out with a gigantic thank you to Mana Shigematsu for the tremendous impact he’s had on my entire family’s health and wellness.  Mana is moving back home to Hawaii and we will miss him like crazy – especially his workouts!  We are forever friends now so I know we’ll still keep in touch, but I just wanted to publicly thank him again.

He looks sad to leave us – doesn’t he?

My last post detailed out my not-so-good week.  Ryan has been saying to me for weeks that he really thinks I need to swim more, because I’m always hungry afterwards and it’s easy on my body.  I’ve kind of just acted like I’m not hearing him, because swimming is very hard.  But after my week where I was grounded, I decided to have some meekness and give a listen.

I purchased a swim membership over at Colorado Mesa University.  We decided I would swim 3 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour instead of the 1 time a week for 1 hour that I was currently doing.  Dependent upon the app I use, I am burning from 350 to 1000 calories per workout.  I think 350 is low and 1000 may be high.  But I can tell you, I am starving afterwards.  In fact, I’ve been hungry all week.  And honestly that is what he was hoping for.  Because as a general rule, I am NEVER hungry.  I have to force myself to eat to get the number of calories in that I need to each day.  Not this week – I was hungry all week long and I’m not sure I like that feeling.  (smile)

Swam 47 minutes Monday and 75 minutes Wednesday.

So my cardio sessions consist of 3 days of swimming and 2 days of 1 hour cardio sessions with Ryan.  On Tuesday we did this crazy double kettlebell swing and then overhead kettlebell press.  Sometimes I think he’s absolutely crazy.  One day (Friday because I couldn’t fit swimming in) I had to do 45 minutes straight on the rower AGAINST a pace boat.  Now if that’s not fun, I don’t know what is.  At least that day I had my playlist on.

Tuesday cardio with Ryan – 728 calories burned
I have two days of weight training also.  And this week I worked in a day of Physical Therapy for my legs (knees) with Semaj over at Gold’s.  My knees felt a lot better after that session.
I really wanted to keep doing kickboxing as well.  He is teaching me to maximize my workout sessions in the minimum time.  So adding kickboxing doesn’t necessarily fit into that model, but it is something I enjoy and I like how it is a confidence booster.  So I kickbox two days a week.  I may have a little too much fun in those classes.
Thursday morning Kickboxing crew.
Monday – swim/ weights
Tuesday- Kickbox, cardio
Wednesday – swim/weights
Thursday – Kickbox, Cardio
Friday – swim
Sat – rest
Sun – rest
Facebook has a way of showing you your memories from years past.  So it was fun to come across April 11, 2016 which was the end of my 12 week challenge at Golds gym.  I lost 33 pounds in that challenge.  I asked Ryan and Jenna if we could take pictures one year later and put them side by side so we could see the continued progress.  See for me it NEVER was just a 12 week contest.  This is a lifelong journey I am on.  
April 11, 2016    versus April 11, 2017

Both Jenna and I have had great progress in one year working with Ryan.

All in all it has been a great week, albeit very tiring as my body is adjusting to the swim workouts.  I have no idea of my weight progress.  I have this problem where I get angry if the scale doesn’t move.  It really doesn’t go up, but sometimes it doesn’t go down and that makes me mad.  So in order to stay happy I am forced to stay away from the scale.  (You know if Patty’s not happy ain’t nobody happy.)  But I can tell by the pictures above, that I am making progress.  

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