Trying New Things – Beast Barbell Training

Ryan and Mana are the reason I have had the success I have had these past 10 months.  If it was simply the gym, I’d have been successful 7 years ago when their doors opened. So since they left the gym, I have tried many different and new avenues of fitness.  It’s been fun to explore different programs.  That being said, it is also nice to return to the familiar.

Friday morning workout at Beast Barbell!

I plan my week every week and run it by Ryan.  This week my Friday was quite full and I wasn’t able to fit the gym in to the day, so I asked Mana if he would be willing to train me.  His schedule was open and so we planned for that.  Now for some reason, I really don’t like working out alone.  I like working out with a friend.  So I asked Jenna if she would join me.  After all it was chest and shoulders and Jenna is ALWAYS game for shoulders.

Thanks Jenna!

There are just so many things I like about working out with Mana, probably too many to mention.  But here’s a few – he knows how much we can lift and he pushes us beyond that.  He doesn’t let us wimp out.  He’s got Jenna’s number (I had to say that Jenna – it makes me laugh.)  I’m always like – Ok I did ten – that’s good, right?    He never accepts “that’s good.”  He always – yes always, pushes us for more.  I love that you, Mana, are willing to keep working with us as you have time.  Here’s some photos from our chilly morning workout.

Notice the rack – these are 35’s

Notice the rack – he made me do 50s.  And I did it.

Go Jenna!

Push ups – nicely done!
Until Mana says stop – say STOP already!

I love working out with friends!
So I titled this Trying New Things – because we were trying new things, but with a familiar face.  Thanks Mana!  Until next time.  

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