Trying New Things – YMCA in Minster, oHIo

This week I flew out to Ohio and showed up on my mom’s doorstep on her 88th birthday.  It was a total surprise and it was pulled off perfectly.

Just to give you an idea of how seriously I am taking this weight loss journey, I have a notebook that I have kept all my progress recorded in and then I also had professional photographs from a family trip to Alaska.  I was packing both.  I had to decide which to put in my luggage and which to carry on.  If my bag was lost, which could I live without?  The photos went in my luggage and my notebook I carried on the plane with me.
Pictures in the suitcase; notebook in the carry on bag.

Prior to the trip, I contacted the YMCA and set up two trainer appointments.  The trainer Judi and I talked prior to my trip and were looking forward to meeting each other.  I stayed home with my mom on Wednesday (her 88th birthday), but Thursday morning I got up and headed to the Y.  The staff there was very welcoming.  I started off in the cardio room on the elliptical on my own and then I met up with Judi and we worked with the TRX.  We hit it off right away.

The crocodile

Judi and me – love my hair!

Before I left she asked me if I had done “spin” before.  I replied that I had not because I didn’t really like the bikes.  She replied, we’ll do some spin work tomorrow.  (Trainers have a way of hearing what they want to hear.  🙂  )

Let’s just say I was less than enthused about that and seriously thought about cancelling.  But that’s just not who I am, so I showed up.  I have to say I had the greatest time on that bike.  I don’t know why I “fear” the new things so much sometimes, but if I just break through the fear, I have a great time 99% of the time.
The whole room to ourselves!

After the time on the bike, we did some kettlebell work and then back on the bike and then some bar work and some ab work.  It was different and it was fun and Judi was so great to be around.  We both wished that I had more time to visit so we could train some more together.   Thank you Judi! 

No pain, no gain!

Sweat is pouring, glasses are off!

I’ll be back to training with Ryan and Semaj next week, but it was fun to have a few days of total rest and relaxation.  The midwest is so quiet and peaceful and beautiful.  I’m thankful to my husband for running the business and the house so I could be gone.

“Country Roads”

My mom’s backyard — great for sprints!
I missed all my workout partners too –  see you all soon!

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