Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Seneca Read

Last week was a difficult week for sure.  I woke up Monday morning to a post on Facebook about a dear friend’s daughter passing away from an illness.  I hadn’t even known she was ill, so it was a hard pill to swallow.  Then later that day I found out that the Director of the NLP program had turned in his notice to resign his position.   That would be Ryan – the trainer that has helped me immensely.  He is destined for greater things for sure and we all wish him the best.

Since we still have two more weeks of training with Ryan before he moves on, we are trying our best not to be too whiny.  Ha!  That works sometimes.   I am making him take lots of pictures – I’m sure his favorite thing.  So here’s our summer morning crew (minus Natasha).

We are so happy because this was BEFORE the card game!

We had to capture this moment!  I don’t think we will ever do a pull-up and not think of Ryan!

Of course it is Monday morning and that does mean weigh in time.  Great news as I was down another pound and a half – making it 53 pounds since Jan 18th.   (11.5 inches gone from my waist – that’s almost an entire ruler.  8.25 inches from my hips, 4.25 inches gone from my thigh.)  This is due to my hard work in the gym.  I understand that.  But it is also due to Ryan’s help with my nutrition and exercise schedule.  I’ve worked out before with NO results and I’ve done weight loss programs with NO results.  So I will say with 100% conviction, my success is due to his help.

OK – next is the progress photo.

I am glad we still have two weeks left to train with Ryan.  He will be greatly missed by all the NLP members.  But everyone wishes him the best for his future.

This week I am going to try an exercise class in the local park.  It’s a group called Core Wellness.  You can find it on Facebook.  It sounds fun to me and I am going to go see what it’s all about.  They will probably get to know me as the crazy lady who is always taking pictures.

I have no plans to leave Gold’s gym.  I’m just checking out new things too.  Just today at the gym, I spoke with three separate people who are older than me.  They are always checking in on me and they tell me how much I inspire them.  I’m happy to encourage them on their wellness journeys also.   In the end, we all just want greater quality of life and I am happy to say that is what I am enjoying — LIFE!

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