12 week challenge

Week Four Complete – February 15, 2016

Just in case I have followers of my 12 week challenge journey, I wanted to update you all on my four week progress.  I was down another 2 pounds so in 4 weeks I have lost 11.5 pounds.  My waist has shrunk a total of 3 inches, my hips 2 inches and my thigh 1 1/2 inches.

At first my thigh lost a lot, but it’s slowly creeped back up.  But my trainer is not concerned, because that can happen when you are squatting every day.

This week once again I need to EAT MORE.  I was at like 1700 calories last week and i need to be at 1950 calories.  I also have a certain percentage to hit on carbs/protein/fat.  So I am watching that more closely and forcing myself to eat.  Last night after working out, I made a protein shake.  I then ate supper and shortly after that ate a cup of cottage cheese and then before bed I ate some almonds.    Eat, eat, eat.

I also upped my “cardio” from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.  He was asking me to do something on the treadmill that he thought would take me 50 minutes, but I was getting it done in 30.  So now the goal is 60 minutes and tell him my Vertical Feet Distance after 1 hour.

I have the Gold’s Gym official before picture, but not at all ready to share that.  I finally took a before photo at home (waist up – of course).  I am beginning to think this process might work.

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