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Fitness and Rest – May 1, 2016

Let me tell you, I write blog posts in my head every day.  It’s taking the time to stop and get them down on here that is the hard part.  So let’s see if I can recall some of what I wanted to share.

Some of you know I hurt my knee towards the end of the challenge.  I was jump roping – having an excellent day in fact – and my knee just gave out.  I kept on with the challenge.  I just had to have some modifications.  Then about ten days ago, my right heel started hurting real bad.  I had experienced this before (planter fasciaitis).  That hurts like crazy.  So rest was being ordered for my body.  We decided that my visit to moms would be a great time to rest.

I iced my knee and my heel as we sat and enjoyed each others company.  We did a little bit of walking, but in actuality that really hurt my knee and heel, so I gave myself a break and took it easier.

I did pop over to see my co-workers in Way Pub and to see Rosalie, Melissa, and Marian.  My biggest victory to share was how much better I am feeling and especially the seatbelt story.  Most of you know, but if not here goes.  When I flew out to Ohio in August 2015 that dang seatbelt b-a-r-e-l-y buckled.  I was soooo embarrassed, but sad also because I just could not get the weight off.

At the gym many people are complimenting me and telling me they can see a big change.  Me however, I just see how far I need to go.  BUT when I got on the plane this time and buckled my seatbelt, I could buckle it and I pulled at least 6 inches of slack.  I was SOOOO excited that I tapped the lady I was sitting next to and said, “Can I share a victory with you?”  I then proceeded to tell her all about the 12 week challenge.  I did this again on the next flight to the young father sitting next to me.  I’m so glad they were so kind to let me blab.

Look at all that slack.  To me that was tangible evidence of the progress.  Here are some photos from the visit.

Right before I left moms to head to the airport to head home, I received a phone call from our local Gold’s gym to let me know I am a finalist.  So that is very exciting.  They asked me to submit an essay.  I have done that and if you are interested in reading it, just let me know.

The Awards ceremony locally is May 25th.  We will be in Alaska, so perhaps it will be posted on the Golds Gym Clifton Facebook page or the Next Level Performance Clifton page when the winners are announced.  We are gone May 22-31.  I have no idea what you win, but it doesn’t matter because I have already won.  I didn’t do it to win a prize.  I did it to win at life.

Today I was getting dressed for Bible fellowship and I could not find any pants to fit.  I wore some, but one of my good friends suggested I put them in the giveaway pile as soon as I got home, because they were simply too big.  So it will be interesting to see what tomorrow’s weigh in tells me.  I missed last weeks weigh in and I feel like these two weeks a lot of change has happened.  But we will see.  I’ll update (at least in my head.)

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