12 week challenge

12 Week Challenge Update – Jan 26, 2016

I am doing three hours a day of exercise, probably 4 hours a day or more when you add in driving there and back (Gold’s Gym.)  My week one was very successful.  This was the note from my trainer after week one.  
1/25/16.) #3 kick starter 8am semi/Ryan   1000’  VD 4: FND
1/26/16.)  1000’ VD 9:30FND 4pm semi/Mana
1/27/16.) 20 Min Stairs 15 min rower, 9am semi/Ryan, 4:30 FND
1/28/16.)  1000’ VD 9:30 FND 4pm. Semi/Mana
1/29/16.) #4 Kick starter 9:30 AB/Ryan 4pm semi/Ryan
1/30/16.)  8:30 FND 20 Min HIIT 20 min stairs
1/31/16.) OFF Rest recover cheat meal in a.m

Alright Patty here is next weeks game plan.  I think you did a great Job this week with the food, getting to the gym, and the effort you put into your workouts.  A few  areas to improve on  this next week will be getting every cardio session in this week, keep the calories around 2000 by lowering your total carb grams between 200-250g, and last nutrition note is to lower sodium levels. Keep up the effort.  Everyone is noticing at the gym.  We will discover the cheat meal later in the week. Please continue to ice your shoulder and any other nagging aches/pains you may have.  Shoot me a message on Facebook and let me know if this exercise plan works for your schedule this week.
My carbs were higher on Monday and Tuesday because I hadn’t figured out that dark, leafy vegetables are carbs and that is what I should do at supper time.  I’ve made that adjustment now and the carbs are right where they are supposed to be.   The above is my workout for the week if anyone wants to join me.  🙂  Week One I lost 4 pounds and a lot of inches.  1000′ VD – is Vertical Distance as measured on a certain treadmill.  I usually attain this in 40 minutes at a 10 incline and a 3.0 pace.  I keep working on getting faster than 3.0.  FND – is the Foundations class we all attend (Dave, Joe, and I).  It’s a one hour cardio/weight class.  Semi – is a semi-private training session. 
On Monday my 8:00 a.m. semi with Ryan was to walk with two 30 pound kettle bells back and forth until I couldn’t do it anymore.  Then I did 100 step ups and 4 minutes of bear crawls.  Then we did it again and again.  It was quite the work out.   Tonight’s semi with Mana was similar.  

Picture taken on 1/18/2016

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