COVID-19 – April 4, 2020

In my ongoing quest to try and get some of this down in writing for my future grand children and great grand children, let’s talk about Lysol, toilet paper, spaghetti, and the price of gasoline in this post.

I’ve been self-quarantining for the past three weeks other than outdoor walks, so I haven’t been to the store or the gas station. But I hear the price of gasoline is just going down, down, down. I looked it up and in Grand Junction, Colorado it was 2.59 a gallon on January 29, 2020. On April 1, 2020 it is 1.90 a gallon. WOW. That’s a far cry from the 1970’s when I first got my driver’s license (1977) and there was a gas shortage. We had odd and even days and we were lined up at the pumps waiting our turn to get gasoline. It’s nice the price of gasoline has come down; too bad we can’t drive anywhere substantial right now as we are to stay in Grand Junction (unless caring for a family member, etc.)

Toilet paper started being scarce (hard to find) as early as March 8. I know my daughter was able to get some March 1, but people weren’t taking this too seriously on March 1. It’s interesting why toilet paper is sold out. This is not a #2 virus. I really have no explanation for this at all. I know that “wipes” and “Kleenex” and “paper towels” will NOT be good for the sewer systems. I just hope everyone else knows that too. Time will tell. We are fine on toilet paper for awhile.

Lysol apparently will kill this virus. So of course, Lysol is very hard to find. But we did find out that if you went to Wal-Mart when it opens (7 am on a Saturday here in GJ), you may be able to buy one can. Dave was about 16th in line at 6:55 a.m., but since he did not need a cart, he was able to get past a few people as he headed for the Lysol. A Wal-Mart employee was in that aisle near the Lysol and you could get one can. He said there were about 15 cans left after he got his. But here’s the kicker. I think he said his can was 4.00 and some change. I actually thought they were 2.00 and some change, but 4 something sounds right. Amazon Prime has ZERO. E-bay is selling them. Check out the photo below.

The second one is 4 minutes away from the end of the bidding. The 2 cans went for 202.50

202.50 for two cans!!!! However; like I’ve said before I DO NOT WANT THIS virus and if the only way I could get Lysol was for 100.00 a can, I’d almost be willing to do so. Price gouging is not supposed to be allowed, but maybe E-bay allows it but Amazon does not??? I’m thankful we got a can. I feel more at peace now. It’s funny a can of Lysol helps me feel at peace.

A easy and inexpensive meal (usually) for us is spaghetti. My husband is gluten free so we look for gluten free noodles and then we buy mild sausage and sauce. Well pastas of all sorts have been flying off the shelves as well. Usually there are no pastas on the shelf at all and if there is any, they aren’t gluten free. So I went on Amazon to look for Barilla spaghetti. Usually it is less than 2.00 for one box. This is Amazon here:

13.00 for one box of spaghetti

13.00 for one box of spaghetti. Yikes.

On a side note tonight I made corned beef and potatoes and carrots in the crock pot for the boys in the family. I had gone to Safeway about March 11th and I was looking for ground turkey, ground beef, and chicken. There was ZERO of any of those items. However in their place was corned beef – in every slot – the chicken slot, the ground turkey slot, and the hamburger slot. I scratched my head and then remembered AWE, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and the store probably pre-ordered all this corned beef. So I bought some because my youngest likes it. They ate it tonight.

I am writing this mainly for historical reasons, but if you have made it this far, feel free to leave a comment below on what else I could be documenting. Wild times.


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