Travel Day

We get in our car to drive to the airport and at that very moment we receive a notice from United that our plane is delayed.  I said, let’s go ahead and go and “wait” at the airport.  (We work from home and I needed to get Dave away from work.)

Hanging out in Grand Junction

 It turned out there was a nationwide outage of some sort and it especially affected the smaller planes like the ones that fly into Grand Junction

I texted our sales rep who was on the same Denver flight as us and she asked, “are you April Fooling me.”  (I had momentarily forgotten about April Fools.). The old Patty would have been so anxiety ridden wondering if we were going to make it, asking if we should drive to Denver, just basically freaking out.  But 2018 was my year to try and rid myself of my over anxious self.  I’m happy to say I stayed calm and we made it to Denver.  

Me and Elizabeth with Hunter Douglas

Our plane is quite large. I paid a little extra and got  Dave a seat with no one in front of him.  That allowed him to stretch his 6’4” self out a bit.

Nice! No seat in front of him.

Drinking age was 16 on the flight so Benjamin has his first German beer.  

I mainly fly on small planes.  They are soooo turbulent at times.  What a HUGE difference that makes.  Our flight was so smooth.  
Now sleeping??? That didn’t happen.  I tried but every time someone moved, I woke up.  AND the number of people “coughing” on the flight is rather disturbing.  It will be good to be on the ground in wide open spaces again.
We were served supper and breakfast.  Dave got his first because he asked for gluten free.  We are near some business class seats and they were looking at him like why does he have his food already?  Lol

Chicken and rice (our friends were in the back of the plane and they ran out of chicken.
They had pasta.  I guess there’s an advantage to being in the front of the plane.

Egg, spinach, and tomato with a roll and fruit.
It was a good trade off.  I gave Ben the roll, he gave me 1/2 his egg.

Good things to know.  You needed “wired” headphones to access the entertainment center.  If you didn’t have any, you were given some.  You could purchase internet.  Dave and Ben did this.  Ben so he could Snapchat friends and Dave so he could keep working.  After about 7 hours of no sleep I hopped on the Internet bandwagon too.
After dinner on the plane the flight attendant came down the other side of the plane saying, “Coffee, tea, digestives?  Coffee, tea, digestives.”  I was seriously wondering if they were handing out Tums.  Our flight attendant said, “Coffee, tea, Baileys?”  Ohhhhhhhhhh, sure I’ll have a Baileys. (no extra cost.)  I thought it might help me sleep.  It didn’t.  But it was good.

Another cool feature of this plane was there was a front camera, a bottom camera and a tail camera.  So you could be looking out at what we were flying over.  Ben got a cool shot of the sun coming up.

Camera at the tail of the plane
Early morning view from the tail camera
Early morning view out Ben’s window

All in all it was a great flight.  I was so freaked out in the past that my “snoring” from my former self would keep others awake on the plane.  Yet I never even fell asleep even though I tried (and my snoring is way, way less these days.)  I was more annoyed (and I use that term lightly – I wasn’t that annoyed) from the people talking behind us and the many, many people coughing.  It’s funny what bothers some people.  The coughing really bothered/concerned me.
But we made it.  I didn’t see any line that our Global Entry would have helped us.  So we waited to pass through a customs to enter the country and then we grabbed our bags.  We shared a taxi with Elizabeth and Mallory.   After the taxi ride (about 40 minutes) we (Dave and I) were glad we hadn’t decided to rent a car and navigate the roads on our own.  lol

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