Week 11 – Wednesday (October 18, 2017) Training by Teal

I love Wednesdays because when the workout is done, I am done with the Training by Teal for the week and that, my friends feels FANTASTIC!  Teal for those of you who don’t know is Ryan’s last name.  And Ryan is my original trainer with whom I still work.  He sends me two workouts a week that I do on Monday and Wednesday.  Today was no exception!

Let’s just say a friend who knows me real well
bought me this shirt.

I started the day with 30 minutes on the AMT Elliptical – 35 seconds sprint, 25 seconds recovery for 30 minutes.  Today I was alone – no trainer, no friend.  So it’s 100% mental all the way!  I am my own cheerleader.  I got to the AMT and the gentleman next to me says, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”  It was actually pretty funny.  There are at least 10 AMT’s, but there are maybe 2 that work well.  So there we were side by side.  Guess whose headphones didn’t work again today?  Yeppers!

After my 30 minutes, I had 5 minutes rest to get to the “Fun Room,” and set up my next exercise.  The “Fun Room” was actually quite full this morning with three trainers and their clients.  I set up a small box, two 10 # kettlebells, and a 40# kettlebell.  I had 20 minutes EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute).  I was to do 20 kettlebell swings (which I did with the 40#).  Then you can rest until you hit 1 minute.  And then I was to do 10 step ups each leg on the small box.  If you’ve been following me, you know this is a huge mental challenge for me.  Paul (aka 4) was in the room and noticed my perplexed face.  What’s up?, he asks.  I’m supposed to do 10 step ups each leg and within a minute.  I don’t think I can do it in a minute.  He replied, “Awe, I have faith in you.  You can do it.”

Speaking of Paul, I’m a little beat up from yesterday!

Well I wouldn’t know until I tried.  I got started 20 Kettlebell swings in about 35 seconds (so I got 25 seconds rest), then 10 step ups each leg.  That took about 55 seconds, so I got about 5 seconds rest.  But I did it.  I am NOT one to back down from a challenge, so I kept going for all ten rounds and I did it.  I was ambitious thinking I could do the step ups with the 10# kettlebells in each hand, but I did not attempt that.  Maybe next time.  20 minutes later (200 kettlebell swings and 200 step ups later), I got 5 minutes rest.

Sometimes there is this college young man who is a diver (I’m a swimmer) in the room at the same time as me.  Today Stewart was training him.  He (the diver) always encourages me and he did so again today after 9 rounds.  He’s like, “Keep going.  You’re doing great.”  When you don’t have a trainer in the room or a friend in the room, these little bits of encouragement help you keep going.

Last 20 minute round was another 20 minute EMOM.  20 wall balls and then sprints.  Just Monday I had an EMOM and I only had to do 12 wall balls.  Why 20 today?  Good question, right?  There was just no one there to ask so guess what, I just did 20 wall balls.  I literally had about 5 seconds rest until it was time to sprint.  Good times!  At about #5 on, I felt like I was dragging my legs along in my sprints.  But I did it and NOW Training by Teal is DONE until Monday!  Hallelujah!  And Tori said she would join me Monday.  YEAH!

The rest of the day is spent at work and yet another doctor appointment.  Today in my Facebook memories was a picture of me 2 years ago at the Denver Rock and Roll.  So for fun I took the shirt (which now belongs to my husband) and took a picute today.  Below is the result.  So although I still see doctors for health issues, my health is 1000% better than it was two years ago.  You can do it too!


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