Week 11 – Monday (October 16, 2017)

So I hinted previously of “a week in the life” type of posts so let’s see if I can actually get it done.

It’s not always easy.

I’ve had two weeks of “de-load” or “taper” as I like to call it.  Now I am starting my second ten weeks of my 20 week plan and it’s time to hit it hard again.  I still work with my original trainer, Ryan.  But he lives in Boston now.  So he sent me the “plan” last night.  I looked at it, wasn’t thrilled with it, but I do not like to message him on the weekends, so I was like–Let’s just DO IT!

My youngest son has had a week off from school, but today we both had to get up at 6 am to get him to school by 7:10.  From there I head to the gym.  So I get up and make sure I eat.  My go-to breakfast is 3 eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal with a few raisins, and a banana.  Oh AND a cup of coffee which I have decided to drink black.  I grab my water, my after-workout shake, my headphones, and my coffee and we head out the door.  I drive directly to Golds after I drop him off at school.

This morning’s workout from Ryan was 72 minutes of work with 15 minutes of rest.

Hr= 141bpm
Work out 1
20 Min AMRAP
25 mtn climbers each leg
10 step ups each leg use 20-30lb kb if doesn’t bother knee
10 box burpees
Rest 5 min
16 Min EMOM
20 kb swings
12 wall ball
Rest 5 min
Rinse and Repeat both work outs

In some ways it works great not to have a trainer in the room overseeing the workout (like when you pause for a drink of water, you don’t get yelled at.)  But other times it would be really useful.  For instance I feel like I stink at mountain climbers and to top it off they hurt the palm of my hand pretty fiercely.  But I’m so darn OCD, I won’t substitue an exercise – I have to do what’s written.  (So I did them all, but I wrote an e-mail when I got home asking what would be a good substitute exercise.)

Where it might be good to have a trainer in the room is when you start your 16 min EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute).  So I do 20 kettlebell swings, rest until the minute mark, 12 wall balls, rest until the minute mark, back to swings, etc.  For some reason I was thinking 16 minutes was 6 rounds.  I guess because they are both sixes?  Anyway I do six rounds, decide to go fill up my water (because I have a five minute break), go to the bathroom, come back and my “round” timer is still going.  Oops! (6 rounds is 12 minutes not 16 minutes)  Not to worry – notice he says Rinse and Repeat.  So when I got to the 16 min EMOM the second time, I changed it to 20 min.

After both rounds I did 4 rounds of core strengthening exercises and then I called it a day.  I drank my after workout shake and headed home to see my college son Joe off.  He had been home for the weekend for his Fall break.

Headed back to college.

The rest of my typical Monday will be to eat correctly and to eat enough.  And then every Monday I send Ryan an e-mail with my food summary for each day (calories in/macros) and my Calories out and what exercises I did.  This is a great tracking tool too.  He sends back any feedback needed.

I burned over 1000 calories with my workout, but I tend to go do my “desk job” afterwards.  So my goal today is to get up each time the FitBit beeps (hourly) to get 250 steps (at least.)

My workout partner invites me to come back at 4:30 p.m. to lift weights.  I can’t ask Boston, so I check with Four (my local GG trainer.)  I tell him, I don’t think it’s a good idea because I already have a pretty full week of workouts and generally every Thursday or Friday, I’m pretty dang tired.  He agrees. (Which actually is pretty cool.  Because if he was doing it for the money, he would say – oh yeah, come tonight.  But he does it because he cares about each person he trains and whats’ best for them.)

So how was YOUR Monday?

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