Diving in to New Adventures

For the past 20 years, I have told myself I would like to swim again–BUT not until I weighed 175 pounds or less.  One year ago, Ryan found out that I had been a swimmer and that I had put the above restriction on myself.  We talked about it.  I told him I just needed the confidence to get in the pool and I asked if he would help.  I knew he believed in me so I felt comfortable asking for his help.  He turned a semi-private training session into a “pool” session for me and Marivel.

When I first realized I was pretty good at swimming.
9 years old here.

 I remember that first Monday morning that we did this.  It was February of 2016.  I could barely swim 50 yards (down and back) without stopping.  BUT it felt great to be back in the pool.  And no one made fun of me for being big like I had feared.  (I was well over 250 pounds.)  His willingness to train us in the pool those 2 or 3 times gave me the confidence I needed to keep swimming on my own.

Collecting a medal at 15 years old.
College Swimming

In August of 2017, with lots of encouragement from Ryan, I tested the waters (so to speak) and signed up for the Senior Games.  I successfully swam the 500 yard free (20 lengths of the pool.)

There was a period of time from October to January where I was not training with Ryan.  In January I decided to ask him if I could train with him exclusively at his new place of employment.  We sat and talked about goals and what the workout plan would look like.  The topic of swimming came up.  I’m still not at my 175 weight that I had in my mind as the weight to start swimming; however I am pretty strong.  I’ve wanted to swim Masters for years!  I tried it once 16 years ago when we lived in Gunnison.  I went to one practice and I never went back.  (It was tooooooooo hard.)

Well after talking, we decided to throw in a Friday morning (5:30 a.m.- 7:00 a.m.) Masters swim workout to my weekly routine.  I’ve gone to 5 practices so far and they have welcomed me warmly.  I can keep up pretty well now (as opposed to when I tried in Gunnison.)

Today is a Masters State Meet.  I swear I almost didn’t sign up, but wise words got me to reconsider.  I’ll be swimming the 1000 yard freestyle (40 lengths of the pool.)  Remember, 1 year ago I could barely swim 50 yards?

Thanks for always, always believing in me – especially
all those times I don’t believe in me.  You’re a great
motivating coach and I really appreciate you.

When you swim 500 yards or more, you need a “counter.”  Marisa (who I wrote about last week) has agreed to count for me.  I’m in the 55-59 year old women’s category.  We’ll let you know how it turns out!  But number one, I plan to just have fun!

Thanks Marisa for counting for me!

Well I did it!  I am exhausted and hungry, but that always happens to me after I swim.  I especially want to thank Coach Megan and Coach Ed and then Cami and Petra who all encouraged me today.  (Cami and Petra are swim moms that I used to see almost every day when Jessica was swimming.)  I am so happy to have accomplished this goal and set a starting point for this journey.

Me and Cami (she’s still working the scoreboard.)
Me and Coach Megan (She taught me how to dive in
with goggles for the Senior Games.  I’ve got that one down now.

During the race
Keeping up pretty well with the girl next to me.

Third in my heat – Lane 7 (in red ink kind of hard to see.)

Had I waited until I thought I looked “good” enough, or was “thin” enough to turn in the times I did in college, I’d still be on the deck observing.  Life is short.  If you want to do something – go for it!  I’m sure glad I did.

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