Metamorphosis – January 30, 2017

It had reached the point where our walk-in closet was not so easy to walk into anymore, so Dave and I decided to tackle the project.  We started on my side tossing shoes that hadn’t been worn for years, sifting through pictures we took down when we painted, but had not put back up again.  Then it was time to go through the clothes.  I literally filled three trash bags with clothes that no longer fit me.  In actuality they hadn’t fit since summer but I had been putting off getting rid of them.  And not because I thought my weight would go back up and I would need them.  Just simply because.

These clothes (some of them) had been in my closet for years.  There was the dress I wore to Matthew and Angie’s wedding in 2009, the jacket I bought in San Francisco in 2006, the swim suit I wore on the cruise in 2000.  16 years of being heavy.  16 years of 2x or larger clothes.  It was just weird.  I can’t really explain how I felt.


I feel like my mind is struggling to “catch up” to what my body has accomplished.  I feel a little bit like the caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly.    On the floor in my closet was a bag of clothes from my sister, Lisa.   I had brought those home in November and I just put them on the floor in my closet.  Lisa and I were never even in the same league.  She was always prettier, skinnier, always had the boys chasing after her.  How would I ever fit in Lisa’s clothes?  I also had a bag of Jenna’s clothes.  Jenna is a workout partner young enough to be my daughter.  She’s lost a ton of weight and handed down her workout clothes to me last fall.  Again I kept them on the floor in my closet.  After I emptied my closet of the clothes that were too big, I hung up the Lisa and Jenna clothes.

Then I said to myself, I’m going to try one item from each of them on.  That was actually fun.  It’s funny.  They fit and it made me feel great but even sitting here writing this, I’m thinking I can’t wear those yet.  I’m not that size yet.

Jenna’s workout shirt/ Lisa’s dressy shirt

I find it much easier these days to write about those who inspire me, rather than write about me and the changes I’m facing.  It’s been difficult to put into words the way I feel right now.

I’ve had a great two weeks.  I’ve lost weight.  My ankles don’t hurt anymore.  My elbows don’t ache at night.  My legs are getting stronger.  My thumb is slowly healing.  The reduced lifting schedule is working.  It’s difficult because I want to do more!  But obeying doctor and trainer orders is more important.   And even better, I wasn’t even tempted to take that scale out of “its hiding place” in the closet and weigh myself.  I am much more than a number on the scale.  (That said, I do weigh in once a week so we can monitor progress.  But that’s it!)

You all have a great week!  I’ll try to update on this blog at least weekly, but I will be definitely posting from Those Who Inspire Patty on Her Fitness Journey.  Thank you for faithfully following my progress and for your encouragement along the way.

My friend, Hillary, with her 3 bags of clothes from me!

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