Reflection – 4 D’s of Success – Are You Ready to Rock 2017?

January of 2016 – I most definitely had the desire, determination, dedication, and discipline to take on the 12 week challenge and beyond.  What I did not have was the believing.  I did not believe anyone or anything could help me.

Are you ready to start or start over with your goals?  Do you have the desire?  Websters – “to want something; to long for something.”  My desire to get healthy was at 500%.  I had the desire.  Do you have the determination?  Websters – “a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.”  I never said, “I’ll sign up but I don’t think I’ll stay with it if it gets hard.”  I was in it for the long run.  Do you have the dedication?  Websters –refers to the act of devoting time and energy to a particular purpose.  I discussed this with my husband and then my trainer and we agreed on the amount of time I would devote to this goal.  Do you have the discipline?  Websters – to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.  Years of 5am swim practices had taught me discipline.  I was ready!  Are you ready?

I had the 4 d’s, but I did not believe the 4 ds would make any difference.  So where I was blessed was with the trainer that believed in me.  I don’t think I realized how low my self- confidence was then.  But looking back now, I see that it was at an all time low.  For me it was the simple things like the nickname champion that I took note of.  If I was feeling down, or if I had been injured, or if I was generally just beating myself up, I’d go back and read through our correspondence and get inspired again by how much he believed in me.  Now one year later, I am seeing the shift to where I am believing in me.  He still believes in me – that never changed.  But I am believing in me and that is a huge step forward.

Gift from my daughter – Inspire and Empower and
Eyes on the Prize Champion – I still don’t see
myself as a Champion.  So I try to remind myself of it.
It helps me believe in me more.

It didn’t take long before I had a circle of friends who also believed in me.  They might say that I inspired them, but I would tell you that each and everyone of them inspired me.  We all have our struggles, but to be there for one another at all times, lifting each other up and encouraging one another is a true virtue to have in a friend.  And I have many of those friends.

Friends for life – Jenna’s last day at Golds!

Today a friend wanted to “run” from a situation at the gym, but she made up her mind to stay.  It was difficult, but she did it.  Has that ever happened to you?   My downfall is I do not like anyone to see me when I’m hurt.  So when I hurt my knee during the 12 week challenge, I tried to just instantly leave the workout.  I had been jump roping and my knee gave a pop and I buckled.  I immediately just started heading to the locker room.  I was called back by my trainer and I stayed.  But I have a “flee” reflex.  Well someone today probably thought they were paying my friend a compliment but they misread the situation and it was actually quite an insult.  She was strong enough to stay.  She didn’t flee.  We got to talk about it afterwards and another friend joined us.  He had strong words of encouragement also.  So I really can’t say enough for having/building a strong support system of friends who will encourage you every step of the way.

Is 2017 your year?  Do you have the desire, determination, dedication, and discipline to start on your goal?  Do you need a person to believe in you?  Message me, I’ll believe in you!  I have a “cousin” group going right now.  We three are cousins by marriage – which is kind of cool on its own.  We have decided to encourage one another in the year ahead.  We are “Cousins Committed to Change.”  Build your circle and when tempted to “flee,” push yourself to stay.  You’ll be so glad you did.
I am feeling so much more hopeful for the New Year
than I was a year ago.

Where will you be in 1 year?  Where will I be in 1 year?
It’s Exciting to Think about!

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