I Rhyme – Sometimes! A thank you to all my supporters!

2016 would turn out to be
the year that I focused on taking care of me.
In January it began with a young man named Ryan
He told me he could help me and he wasn’t lyin’

A 12 week challenge was about to begin
It was at Gold’s Gym and he thought I could win
I thought he was crazy, I thought he was mad
But something inside of me wanted it bad

From day one it was tough, no doubt about it
But no matter how hard, I refused to quit
Good morning champ! Good job champ, Ryan would say
I wondered who he was talking to each and every day.

I found out I had a relationship with my bathroom scale
I weighed myself daily, at that I did not fail.
However, if it looked like the scale had me beat
The next day I would decide to under-eat

With lifelong habits of not eating enough
Your metabolism wonders what the heck is up?
So in order for me to be successful each day,
Ryan told Dave to “throw that scale away.”

Through injuries, doctors, rehab and bruises
To family vacations on an Alaskan cruising
From standing push ups against the wall
To the lunges I could not do, no not at all

I’ve come far, yes I’ve come a long way
I’m setting new goals each and every day
Self-confidence I still work on, It’s not easy for me
But I have lots of friends who help me, you see.

The weight loss train will continue to chug along
So my friends–don’t leave me now, that would just be wrong.
Whose encouragement do I need?  YOURS – that’s who!

The last day of the 12 week challenge – April 2016
Helicopter ride (whose weight restriction I made
thanks to Ryan’s help – in Alaska)
Oh by the way you have a torn meniscus.

Thank you to everyone that I have met this year either in person or by way of this blog that continually support me along the way.  I’m just like anyone else.  I have great days and I have days that are not so great.  So your words of encouragement are always appreciated.  Ryan is continuing to help me into 2017 so as I wrote above, I’ll just have to wear my THIS IS MY YEAR shirt one more year.  I actually own it in a 2x, 1x, XL, L, M and S.  I’m in the XL now, but probably could get into the L.

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